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Story Of Greedy Mother-in-Law


Rekha ji had just come out of the kitchen after making coffee for her husband Mukul ji when she saw Lata coming from the front and her temper rose.

Rekha ji: When we have to do all the work then what is your business? Don’t you know that we have the habit of drinking coffee as soon as we wake up in the morning?

Lata: Mother, I was coming but Ravi had to go to the office early and it took time to iron his clothes.

Rekha ji: There is always an excuse ready for everything.

Only four months had passed since Lata got married. After coming here, she started feeling as if she had come to jail. If he wanted to go somewhere, he had to take permission. If any mistake was made, there would be punishment. Mother-in-law, father-in-law, and husband all opposed her in one voice.

Sometimes I feel like running away from here and going to my father’s house. But if they come to know that Papa is a heart patient then who knows what disaster will happen. Thinking this she kept tolerating everything.

Lata quickly prepared breakfast for everyone and then packed the tiffin and gave it to Ravi. Then Ravi called out –

Ravi: What are you doing Lata, I don’t have that much time, I don’t have to drive a car, do you know how long it takes to travel by metro? If you reach a little late, you have to listen in the office.

Everything Ravi said was an indication that his father had not given him a car. But she hears everything now. How to tell your father that you have chosen him as his life partner? He is greedy for money.

One day when Ravi came home in the evening he talked to his father.

Ravi: Now I can’t get a job, your old friend Sharma ji makes motor parts, I want to start supplying it.

Papa: But son, he would need at least ten lakh rupees, where would he get it from?

Ravi: That’s what I’m thinking.

Just then Lata prepares tea and brings it.

Ravi: Lata can you borrow some money from your father?

Lata’s patience had run out. Fed up with the daily taunts, he replied.

Lata: Ravi, don’t depend on my father, he fulfilled his duty by marrying me. If you have a problem in doing the job then let me do the job. Both will earn together.

Hearing this, Ravi’s temper rose.

Ravi: What nonsense are you talking about? You are talking too much.

Lata: Ravi, I have tolerated a lot. That’s why I have decided to do a job.

Ravi: No, all this does not happen in our house. If you want to do a job then go to your house.

Lata: I knew you would say this. I have talked to the lawyer, I will get a divorce soon.

Hearing this, Ravi and his father were shocked.

Just then Rekha ji came there.

Rekha ji: You have seen the result of putting your daughter-in-law on your head. Throw him out of the house.

Lata: Okay, I will call the police, you return all my belongings and dowry, also I will take half of my husband’s earnings every month from the coat, I also have a share in this house, transfer half of the house in my name.

Rekha ji: Listen to what she is saying.

Mukul ji: Why is your daughter talking like this? After today we will never say anything to you, go to your room.

Lata: No, Papa Ji, I have tolerated a lot. Now I can’t tolerate these taunts throughout the day, I never imagined even in my dreams that you people would be so greedy.

Rekha ji: Call his father and call him, it is better to talk to him directly rather than confronting him.

Lata: Mother, my father is a heart patient. If anything happens to him after hearing this, then you people will be responsible for it.

Ravi: What happened to you? You never talked like this before today.

Lata: Till today I have been tolerating every taunt of you and Mom and dad. My father spent twenty lakh rupees on the wedding, yet you want a car, you need money to do business.

Lata packed her things at that very moment and left the house. Before leaving, she said to her mother-in-law, father-in-law and husband –

Lata: If you tell anything to my father, I will get you arrested. You will get the divorce notice and sign it quietly.

Lata left from there and reached one of her friend’s flats.

A day earlier, he had explained to her how to protect her self-respect with all rights.

Lata: Komal, I have come. But what will happen next?

Komal: Don’t worry, I have talked to you, there is a vacancy in my office, you will do the job from tomorrow and will live with me.

After working for a month, Lata goes to her home one day and tells everything to her father. After listening to him his father says –

Father: Son, why didn’t you tell me?

Lata: Papa, you have done a lot for me. Now I didn’t want to bother you.

Father: Daughter, I am not that weak. Don’t worry, come home.

Lata: No Papa, give me some time, let me stand on my feet, let me create my own identity.

Ravi and Lata got divorced after a few months of the case. Ravi had to pay full dowry and thirty lakh rupees and also he used to deposit a part of his salary in the court every month.


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